Unplanned Pregnancies

Unplanned Pregnancies

While many women want to have children, they usually want them when they are ready and able to care for them. But millions of women worldwide face unplanned pregnancies every year.

So if you’re not trying to get pregnant it is important to be on some type of contraceptive. There are many to choose from that you can decide suits your body, your finances, your needs.

If you think you may be pregnant, the first step is to take a pregnancy test at the day of your missed period. Home pregnancy tests results can also be confirmed by a blood test or ultrasound (depending how far along the pregnancy is) at a health care provider’s clinic.

If you are pregnant, you have three options to think about — abortion, adoption, and parenting. Reading and learning about each one will help you get the facts and may help you decide. It may also help to weigh the benefits and risks of each one. Think about which benefits and risks are most important to you.

Only you can decide what is right for you. But women often find it helpful to talk it through with someone else. You may choose to talk with your partner or a trusted family member or friend. Pick someone you think will be supportive. It’s important to remember that you get to decide who is a part of your decision-making process.