About the Hotline

We are open from 5 PM to 11 PM at +961 76 680 620
You can also email us at sexualityhotline@gmail.com


The sexuality hotline is created on the belief that all people should have access to support, information, and services.

Why a hotline? Our hotline is accessible, confidential, and judgment-free. Who picks up the phone? We are volunteers trained in sexuality counseling, who promise you utmost respect and confidentiality.

Who can call? While we especially invite women and trans* persons to call or email, everyone’s welcome, no matter what age, gender, status of education, sexual identity, or disability.

I don’t like talking on the phone. Email us or request to join a support group. We host a variety of intimate and private discussions based on our callers’ requests and needs, so that people of similar questions and struggles can meet and process the issues they face.

What would we talk about? • health • safety • intimacy • virginity • transitioning • motherhood • puberty • relationships • disability • asexuality • violence • masturbation • sexually transmitted infections • pleasure • unplanned pregnancies • living with HIV • hymens • adoption • sexual orientation • contraception • gender identities •••

We believe that sexuality cannot be isolated from realities around us such as ageism, racism, classism, ableism, stigma, politics, economy, war, and laws.


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At the A project we deal with issues of gender, sexuality, and sexual and reproductive health in Lebanon.

This hotline is dedicated to women and trans* persons of all ages.

The counselors are carefully selected as persons who are nonjudgmental nor moralistic about peoples sexual choices. These counselors are not necessarily people with a counseling degree, but people who are informed and aware of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) issues, whom we hope you will find it easy to talk to openly about your concerns.

The phone operators know not to give presumptive answers, and if they do not have an answer to your question or concern they will direct you to someone who is more knowing, or they will contact the resource persons themselves and get back to you (if you wish to leave contact details).

Confidentiality is key to us! Please know that whatever the issue is and if you decide to disclose personally identifying information, none of this will be shared with unrelated parties without your permission.

However, it needs to be mentioned that basic details will be asked of you: demographics (age and sex) and the reason you are calling for (general sexuality information, problems related to sex – for self/partner, contraception, unwanted pregnancies, relationship problems, HIV/AIDS, menstrual problems, referral information, infertility, abuse in sexual relationship, gynaecological problems, legal information, or even about general inquiries of the project services). With your consent, we may also call you for a follow up.
This information is documented to keep record of what the most prevalent issues are and to know what gaps need to be filled in research and services.

We invite women and trans* persons from all backgrounds to call. Whoever you are, if there was something you wanted to know or discuss about sexuality, feel free to call us.


In addition to the hotline, here are other resources you can use: