Sexual Harassment and Violence

  • My colleague’s sense of humor is considered unusual at my workplace. He likes to tell sexually explicit jokes and uses language that is sexually explicit while speaking.

    This may or may not be sexual harassment depending on how the office workers feel about his behavior. One person may find a situation uncomfortable and threatening while another may not. This can also change from context to context. E.g. – Telling the same jokes at an office party may be acceptable to his co-workers versus telling them during a work meeting, which may upset them. For this situation to not be considered sexual harassment, all of his co-workers or the co-worker must be comfortable with this behavior.

  • A man believes that he has the right to have sex with his wife whenever he wants and that it is her duty to provide it. Even when she refuses, he insists on having sex with her. Where do we classify such behavior?

    If he forces his wife to have sex against her will, it is called marital-rape. Just because they are married does not mean that either partner can force the other to have sex. Each sexual encounter even between spouses should be consensual. Being married or in a relationship with a person does not mean one is always willing to have sex; there are times when they may not want to and this should be respected.