Training on Sexuality, Gender, & SRH


theAproject invites you to apply for an intensive three day training on Sexuality, Gender and Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH), for a chance to become part of our team of volunteers who work on sexuality and gender.

The training will cover the themes below from a feminist perspective:
- Gender as social construct
- Diversities of sexual and gender expressions
- Contraception and unwanted pregnancies
- Reproductive Tract Infections & Sexually Transmitted Infections
- Sexuality & Disability
- Abuse of Power: Sexual Violence and Harassment

While we're hoping to create a bigger team of hotline counselors, some of you may decide after the training to volunteer on creative content creation or outreach. Please let us know below what you're more inclined to volunteer on, and know that you can change your mind later.

The hotline, open to calls every day between 5 PM and 11 PM, aims to provide support to women and trans* persons who have questions about sexuality, gender and SRH. This training will equip the participants to be able to engage on these topics in a supportive, affirmative, and body-positive way by listening, providing accurate information, framing the issue politically, and sometimes referring callers to services needed.
~ The phone rotates between volunteers on a 5-day basis.
~ Volunteers will be compensated for every hotline shift they take.
Training Dates: Over three Saturdays (October 1st, 8th and 15th - 2016).
Training Location: Ashrafieh, Beirut.
Training Capacity: 15 individuals
Application Deadline: Thursday 22 September, 2016.

For the training, we will give priority to people who:
- Are willing to volunteer on the hotline for at least 6 months after their training
- Are women or gender non-conforming individuals
- Have attended the Politics of Sexuality Reading Retreat (aka Sex & Society Reading Retreat)

After the training, we will select people who:
- Speak Arabic fluently
- Are good listeners
- Are respectful of other people’s views
- Understand that personal experiences are unique and vary greatly from one person to another
- Are willing to challenge themselves on certain topics
- Are aware of what they know and what knowledge they need to strengthen
- Understand the importance of politicizing sexuality and gender

The deadline for submissions is September 22nd, 2016.