Guides and Reports on SRHR, Gender, and Sexuality

American Journal of Public Health – Abortion Resources

In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade, AJPH has selected a collection of articles and other materials that bring together the most current resources on abortion and reproductive rights.

This collection takes a sharp look at the current state of play with respect to provision of abortion services in the United States, and provides global trends and snapshots of the experience of countries where abortion is legal but not accessible, where abortion is accessible but not legal and therefore not regulated, and where government efforts to roll back abortion are taking place—all with potentially devastating impacts on women’s lives. These pieces not only form a comprehensive picture of the domestic and international scene regarding the provision of abortion services today, but suggest where we must take action going forward.

  • Articles from multiple issues of AJPH
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  • Links to related organizations, publications and news by region

Addressing the needs of young people living with HIV
A guideline developed in December 2011. It helps assess the effectiveness of the services given to young people living with HIV (YPLHIV) and pinpoints service/program areas that need strengthening.

Activist’s Guide to the Yogyakarta Principles
New Toolkit to advance Equality on Grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
The Yogyakarta Principles are a set of principles on the application of international human rights law in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity. They were developed in response to well-documented patterns of abuse directed toward persons because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity

BRIDGE Development-Gender: Cutting Edge Packs
Written and produced in collaboration with partners, Cutting Edge Packs provide accessible overviews of the latest thinking on a gender theme and summaries of the most useful resources. Each pack includes an Overview Report, a Supporting Resources Collection and a copy of Gender and Development In Brief. These packs can be downloaded free from the BRIDGE website.

Demanding credibility and sustaining activism – A Guide to Sexuality-based Advocacy by the Global Rights’ LGBTI Initiative
This Guide helps explain the human rights standards that are most relevant to the protection of LGBTI communities in terms that are easy to grasp and framed within a broad human rights context.

Home Truths: Facing the Facts on Children, AIDS, and Poverty
A report by the independent Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS (JLICA)  This report summarizes two years of research and analysis of AIDS policies, programmes and funding and calls for fundamental shifts in global, regional and national responses to the epidemic’s impact on children, their families and communities.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
This is a publication from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force to try and help groups who want to be trans inclusive figure out the practical meaning of that support. And while it is centered on a US perspective, much of the broader pieces might be very useful and it is free.

New Eldis Health Key Issues Guide to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
The Eldis Health Key Issues guide reviews current policy issues and explores cutting-edge debates relating to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), examining questions of definition and exploring key debates. The guide also highlights current and future challenges for attaining greater levels of sexual and reproductive well-being, and considers the role of innovative technologies and approaches in achieving sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.

Safe Passages to Adulthood
Free resources on enabling young people to improve their sexual and reproductive health.
This collaborative research programme has developed a series of free resources aimed at increasing the capacity of policy-makers, practitioners and researchers working to promote young people’s sexual health in resource-constrained settings. Download the files here or go to their website:

Together, Apart: Organizing around Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Worldwide –
This 44-page report prepared by Human Rights Watch demonstrates that many groups defending LGBT rights – especially throughout the global South – still have limited access to funding, and courageously face sometimes-murderous attacks without adequate support from a broader human rights community.

The report is based on written surveys and in-depth interviews with more than 100 activists working for LGBT rights in five regions: sub-Saharan Africa; the Middle East and North Africa; Eastern Europe and Central Asia; the Asia and Pacific region; and Latin America and the Caribbean. In each region, the report outlines prevailing patterns of abuse and rights violations; the political and social challenges, and opportunities that activists see ahead; and key strategies these movements are using to achieve social change.